The Start of Your Success: The Election of 2016

Motivation for the World

Now that the Election of 2016 is over, there are many things that I could say about the outcome. To be clear, I wanted Hillary Clinton to win. To be transparent, I am an ardent supporter of President Barack Obama. To be honest, I am in shock that Donald Trump is the President-elect. Some people see his win as a tragedy. Others see it as an opportunity. Either way, I am here to say neither of these positions is right; neither of these positions is wrong. A Donald Trump Presidency is neither the beginning of the world, nor the end of it. It is all a matter of perspective and how our beliefs are shaped and molded by politics and our current elected-officials.

I am here to offer a way to change your perspective and hopefully change the way you think now that this election season has come to an end.

The start…

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