Stephen Curry… On Purpose

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Curry_MVPStephen Curry… On Purpose

Even if you do not follow the NBA or sports in general, you have probably heard of the 2015 NBA MVP Stephen Curry. If not, I suggest finding some highlights to see him in action. He is, in my opinion as well as countless other basketball junkies, the greatest shooter we have ever seen. Stephen Curry makes it look so easy and effortless that his shooting prowess appears to be a gift from the heavens. It is a gift from God! However, there are other attributes of Stephen Curry and the talent he possesses that need to be examined. Then we can understand how he has perfected his craft on purpose. By doing so, we can understand that we have the ability to do the same.

Stephen Curry works tirelessly on his game…

He practiced his shooting, since he was a child, for countless hours…

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