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I’m Ready to Impeach THIS! Our Politicians Do Not Serve Us

I’m Ready to Impeach THIS! Our Politicians Do Not Serve Us

I am sick and tired of the political climate in the United States. While I still believe this is the greatest country on earth (with the greatest political system), it is definitely not due to our politicians and the way our government is run. “We the people” are not being served by “they the politicians”. In fact, we are being used, manipulated, and neglected all at the same time by our elected officials on both sides of the aisle. It has to stop, but I don’t see any way it will. We are too far down the path of bipartisan bickering, the influence of money in politics, a lack of term limits, and political tribalism to see any meaningful change. My friends, this does not make America great, nor does it strengthen our democracy in any meaningful way. I’m ready to impeach THIS!

It amazes me how our politicians are unwilling to compromise for the good of the American people. Instead, any flimsy compromise you hear about is for the benefit of the politicians and the philosophies of the party they represent. It’s damn near criminal! As an example, people have needed relief for a year due to COVID-19. Democrats and Republicans still cannot agree on how much and how it should be allocated. So they won’t compromise enough to help those in need. Instead they view it as a tug-of-war over government spending, taxation, corporate handouts, etc, not the needs of their constituents. Basically, if a piece of legislation doesn’t satisfy a political party (and it never does), then their votes will create gridlock. This is bipartisan bickering. Meanwhile, the unemployment rolls continue to swell, the food lines get longer, and our economic anxiety lives on. I’m ready to impeach THIS!

The influence of money in politics is disgusting. Don’t get it twisted, they are all on the take! Don’t assume your favorite Democrat is free of the influence of money. They need donations to run for office, right? This means the donors can have a “say” in policies put in place once your Democrat wins an election. Their donation is undoubtedly higher than the average American’s and probably tied to a corporation or special interest group. You can assume correctly they have more influence than Joe the farmer who donates $25 to his favorite politician. Not only that, who do you think gets access to our politicians? Good old Joe can’t call his senator and strike up a conversation, not for $25. But many rich donors can because they put more in the pot. If they don’t like what they hear they can withhold their money or donate to someone else. I’m ready to impeach THIS!

Why is it that our Congress does not have term limits? If the office of President is limited to two terms, then our Senators and Representatives should have term limits too. There is no way you can convince me that old ass Mitch McConnell-R (elected in1985) or Patrick Leahy-D (elected in 1974) thinks like this is 2021. Do they know their decisions require solutions that will work in 2021 instead of when they were first elected as Senators years ago. This is because they, and countless others in both parties have been in power too long. They have no business making policy for our country anymore. But here’s the catch. Guess who has to vote on changing our laws to create term limits to get these fossils out of office? Our senators and representatives have that power. Why would they even consider it? They have power, prestige, money and all the trappings of being politicians. As long as their “gullible” constituents continue to vote them in, they continue to stay in power. I’m ready to impeach THIS!

We can’t forget about political tribalism, which is an unwritten rule that says politicians support the views of their party most, if not all of the time. It doesn’t matter if the policy is good or bad, it will most likely be supported by the entire political party as a way to hold the party line. Where are the individual thinkers in our government? They are there, yet they do not have the courage of their convictions to break with their party for the sake of the American people. The impeachment trials are proof. Republicans, even those who knew Trump was guilty, would not dare vote against him and their party. While it is true there were a few defectors, they are many more who wanted to vote to remove him, but chose not to. This is because they refused to buck the party line, alienate many voters, and piss off their donors. God forbid that a politician would vote for the good of the American people because it would be the right thing to do. Instead, politicians overwhelmingly stay within their tribe even when its against their own conscience. I’m ready to impeach THIS!

So what do we do? I have several answers. First, we need either a viable third political party, or a group of independent lawmakers who will not perpetuate bipartisan bickering. This will help break the gridlock in Washington that hinders our ability to pass legislation to help the American people. Next, we need to weed out the influence of money in our politics. We should limit the numeric and monetary amounts of donations people, corporations, and super-pacs to reduce donor’s influence over politicians and policy making. Also, we should have congressional term limits. The easy way is to follow the term limits of the President. Politicians should be limited to two terms so new leadership gets a chance to lead. Finally, we should hold our elected officials accountable when they vote with their tribe instead of following the will of the people who elected them. We need to be more vigilant with monitoring how our politicians vote and how often they are for and against their party’s policies. I’m ready to impeach THIS!

I believe these are sound ideas, but none of them will come to pass. Let’s face it, the crooks have the building blueprint, operate the security cameras, know the safe combination, and put a getaway car on standby. If caught, they also write the laws, are friends with the police, eat dinner with the judges, and went to school with the attorneys. In other words, the politicians have all the power and advantages to keep the rules of the game the same. Unfortunately, for any real change to occur they would have to change things from within. Good luck with that happening. The entire political establishment knows they are in a “good” spot as long as none of them mess it up for all of them. They need to keep us in the dark about the rules of their game, how they play, and the results they want to achieve to stay in power. I’m ready to impeach THIS!

In my opinion, we have a few ways to influence change that our politicians can’t directly control. First, we must educate ourselves about our government. We call it civics: a social science dealing with the rights and duties of citizens, government, and how it affects life. If civics is not brought back into our school curriculum, they we have to learn civics “School House Rock” style, one video at a time. Next, we need to learn about the inner workings of our state and local government. Sure we know (to some extent) the roles of the President and Congress, but what about our local judge, councilperson, and school board member? They affect our lives far more than our national leaders, yet we do not learn who they are and what they do. Next, we need to educate ourselves about all candidates and vote. We do not have to vote by party affiliation. Instead, we should vote in our own interests regardless of which party agrees or disagrees. I’m ready to impeach THIS!

We are past the point of no return. We are beyond thinking government does not affect us. We are done with accepting what our politicians tell us. We are through with thinking our voices don’t matter. You matter. I matter. We matter. This is our country, and we need to hold our political leaders, on both sides of the aisle, to a much higher standard. We need to send the message that we are tired of politics as usual. While I don’t encourage storming the Capitol, I do encourage more education, more determination, and more consternation to help fix our political system. I’m ready impeach THIS! Our politicians do not serve us… yet!

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Enough Is Enough: 25 Reasons Why Your president Must Go …NOW!

(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
  • It affects virtually nobody. Over 200,000 Americans have died from a virus the president downplayed and said would magically go away… your president must go!
  • When asked about a peaceful transfer of power, you president responds if we get rid of the (mail-in) ballots, there will be no need for a transition… your president must go!
  • The commission to find widespread voting fraud did not find enough cases so it was disbanded, yet your president still believes voting fraud is why he lost the popular vote in 2016… your president must go!
  • Mexico is not, did not, and will not pay for the wall. Nor has much progress been made on building said wall… your president must go!
  • Your president has used numerous disparaging remarks about people of color and women who challenge his beliefs and opinions… your president must go!
  • There were very fine people on both sides… your president must go!
  • According to your president, reports show you can have ultraviolent light inserted in the body and ingest chemicals to clean out the lungs (as prevention of Covid-19)… your president must go!
  • On the world stage your president physically pushes other world leaders out of the way so he can be in the front… your president must go!
  • He only hires the best people, yet the turnover in his administration exceeds his predecessors and still has vacancies he can not fill… your president must go!
  • Your president disparages the military, its generals, and even gold star families via Twitter and while speaking with aides behind closed doors… your president must go!
  • The United States Post Office, which is a national institution, is being slowly dismantled just in time for the 2020 election so it can not handle mail-in ballots… your president must go!
  • A tweet for everything: your president said Barack Obama should resign because of 2 deaths caused by Ebola… your president must go!
  • According to him, hydroxychloroquine treats coronavirus and people should try it because they have nothing to lose if they take it… your president must go!
  • Members of his own cabinet and various government agencies question is competence and decision-making abilities… your president must go!
  • Police and Secret Service members use tear gas and other methods to clear out peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square so your president can pose for a photo op at a church he wasn’t invited to use… your president must go!
  • Your president asked why Joe Biden did not enforce a mask mandate, when as a private citizen Biden has no authority or responsibility to do so… your president must go!
  • Your president displayed a weather map altered with a sharpie to include Alabama after he mistakenly said that state was in a hurricane watch area… your president must go!
  • Your president is still fighting to withhold his tax returns when it is a common practice for every candidate in the last 40 years to do so and after he said he would release them… your president must go!
  • Officers in uniforms without any insignia arrest protesters on the street and take them away in unmarked vans… your president must go!
  • One vigilante goes to another state and kills two protestors and he says the gunman acted in self-defense…  your president must go!
  • Key witnesses for the impeachment trial were blocked from testifying even though their testimony should have proven his innocence… your president must go!
  • The coronavirus numbers would be a lot less if you take out the totals from the blue states, as if they (and those who get sick and/or die) are not under his jurisdiction at all… your president must go!
  • Poll after poll show other countries trust your president far less than his predecessors and barely higher than adversaries like Vladimir Putin… your president must go!
  • Children in cages will discourage people from coming to the United States… your president must go!
  • There are recordings of your president saying how bad the virus is, yet he publicly downplayed its effects and holds rallies where people can get infected… your president must go!

Enough is enough! Your president must go… NOW!