Herschel Walker for US Senate? This is a Joke Right?

Herschel Walker for US Senate? This is a Joke Right? by Gary A. McAbee

Herschel Walker was an outstanding football player for the University of Georgia! This is a fact, and it cannot be denied. He was so good that he won the Heisman Trophy and selected to play in the NFL. However, his playing days at Georgia ended in 1982 and for the most part, he has been on the sidelines as it relates to matters that affect Georgia. So it is very surprising that Herschel Walker has suddenly been thrust into the political arena and the national political debate. But then again, when we think about the Grand Old Party (GOP), nothing really surprises me.

Herschel Walker for US Senate? This is a Joke Right?

Herschel Walker had been relatively quiet since he last his last touchdown in the NFL. But I think all of that changed thanks to a guest appearance on The Apprentice hosted by Donald Trump. It was then that we learned Herschel Walker and Donald Trump might have a bromance. This relationship continued throughout the Trump Presidency and led to Herschel Walker the politician. This is where we need to start talking about Herschel and his lack of qualifications for the United States Senate.

Herschel Walker for US Senate? This is a Joke Right?

I could understand his candidacy if he started out in politics after he ended his football career. You know, maybe as an alderman or one of those lower-level city political positions. Then maybe a move to city council or board president. Finally, maybe Herschel Walker could have become a mayor or state representative to use it as a springboard to bigger political offices. None of these things happened. Instead, Herschel has used his connection to Trump to launch his political career. Or is his connection using him?

Herschel Walker for US Senate? This is a Joke Right?

Of course, he is also using his celebrity status in Georgia. Since I moved to the South, I have learned first-hand how much people revere college football and the players who master it. They treat them like gods! So Herschel is still a god-like figure to some in Georgia. This does not qualify him for political office. But we have seen this before in the GOP and we only need look next door to Georgia to understand. In Alabama, former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville used his celebrity to win a US Senate seat too. Yes, he is a Republican, and no, he was not qualified for the position. Tuberville gave the GOP in the South a blueprint. Guess who they are parading through the door next?

Herschel Walker for US Senate? This is a Joke Right?

Let’s get good ole Herschel to run in Georgia! Herschel Walker checks all of the boxes for the GOP. He’s black, and this means he supposedly will syphon some black votes away from his opponent who happens to be another black man: sitting US Senator Raphael Warnock. Herschel is a hero, so his candidacy alone will supposedly awaken Republican voters in Georgia who remember how fast he could step and fetch it, I meant run. Add to it that he appears to be a yes man, who doesn’t see how he is being used simply to win a Senate seat and not for his political skill or acumen. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Georgia US Senate candidate Herschel Walker!

Herschel Walker for US Senate? This is a Joke Right?

As a black man, I should be happy about this development. I was excited when L. Douglas Wilder became the Governor of Virginia. I was excited when Cory Booker won a US Senate seat in my home state of New Jersey. I was excited when Raphael Warnock won his current US Senate seat in Georgia. And of course, I was excited when Barack Obama won the Presidency. To be somewhat fair, I was even excited when JC Watts, who is a Republican and a former college football hero in Oklahoma, won a seat in the US House of Representatives. So why is it that I can’t get down with Herschel Walker?

Herschel Walker for US Senate? This is a Joke Right?

The most important reason why I dislike Herschel Walker, and his candidacy for the US Senate is that he is a walking stereotype. He represents every stereotype we, as black men, are trying to avoid or end entirely. He has been married multiple times. He has fathered multiple children, and some of them have been out of wedlock. He has been accused of spousal and family abuse. He has been accused of having an out-of-control temper. He has not shown he can think, and then speak clearly and coherently. Finally, he has not proven he is intelligent enough to do the job he is trying to get. These are several stereotypes black men have received fairly, and unfairly. Most of us are tired of being saddled with these characteristics. We don’t want to be known for these, and other, negative stereotypes, Herschel has all of them!

Herschel Walker for US Senate? This is a Joke Right?

We can look at Herschel Walker’s tendency to lie, or at least stretch the truth. Remember when Herschel said he worked in various capacities with law enforcement? It is not true. Remember when Herschel made up employment numbers about his restaurant business? It is not true. Remember when Herschel said he did not pay for an abortion? It is not true. I can go on, but what’s the point. But I do want to point out how eerily similar Herschel Walker’s lies line up with Donald Trump’s lies. Is he getting his cues from his political mentor?

Herschel Walker for US Senate? This is a Joke Right?

Let me beat this dead horse a little more. In my opinion, Herschel Walker is being used by Donald Trump and his minions. He is being used as a poor man’s representation of a viable black candidate and also being propped up erroneously as a competent black man. I personally take offense to his candidacy, and the fact that he might win makes it worse. Herschel Walker is being used as a step-and-fetch it black man who might deliver the control of the US Senate to the Republican party. This is reprehensible to me, but not necessarily for the reason you think.

Herschel Walker for US Senate? This is a Joke Right?

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a black man who traditionally votes for Democrats. But that does not mean I don’t listen to Republicans enough to hear their viewpoints. Now add in that some Republicans are black, like US Senator Tim Scott. While I don’t agree with much of Mr. Scott’s policies, as least he is competent! At least he is qualified. At least he is honorable. The same holds true for US Senator Raphael Warnock. He is competent. He is qualified. He is honorable. Herschel Walker is not! He is a disgrace, and he represents a lot of things black men do not represent. He is not a black man who should be on the national spotlight. Therefore, I cannot, and never will, support his candidacy for the United States Senate.

Herschel Walker for US Senate? This is a Joke Right?

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