What’s Black? Things We Need to Watch in March 2022

March 5, 2022

Gary A. McAbee

Welcome to What’s Black: Things We Need to Watch by Gary A. McAbee. What’s Black is a monthly update about things of interest for black people to watch, discuss, and actively interpret. The time is now for all of us to get involved. These are conversations we need to have, and we will have these conversations. In this issue, there are some of the things we need to watch in March 2022

We have our first black female nominee for the Supreme Court. How will she be treated?

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has been nominated for the Supreme Court by President Joe Biden. Her experience proves she is a qualified and worthy candidate for the Supreme Court. However, like all nominees Judge Brown Jackson will go through a rigorous confirmation process. Her record will be reviewed. Her court decisions will be analyzed. Her answered will be interpreted. This is typical. However we need to watch how her confirmation process goes. Will she receive fair or unfair treatment? We have already heard she was only nominated because she is black and that is not the only reason why she should be picked. We have also heard that her record will be viewed differently than it was when she was appointed as a federal judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in 2021. By the way, the same Senate who confirmed her in 2021 will accept or reject her nomination.

Not Kaepernicked yet! Did Coach Brian Flores avoid being blackballed?

Former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores has been hired as a special assistant for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Remember, he is the coach who filed a discrimination lawsuit against the NFL. Once the lawsuit was filed, it was assumed that Flores would be blackballed for filing the suit. Doesn’t the NFL have a habit of “Kaepernicking” black men who take a knee instead of going along with the system? At first, it looked like this would happen to Flores as well, especially since he interviewed unsuccessfully for head coaching jobs recently. However, he got a job. But isn’t it ironic that the only black head coach (Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers) at the time in the NFL gave Flores a job? This lifeline temporarily keeps Flores in the game. Let’s see how long it lasts and let’s see what happens as his lawsuit is still under review.

Michigan’s head coach takes a swing. Is he too angry to be a leader of young men?

You may have missed the incident between black head coach Juwan Howard of Michigan and his white counterpart Greg Gard from Wisconsin. The college basketball game between Michigan and Wisconsin ended with controversy. As usual, the two teams walked to exchange handshakes post-game. This is when Coach Gard grabbed Coach Howard. An argument ensued, and Howard threw a punch at a Wisconsin assistant coach. Both teams scuffled. The result of the altercation was a five-game suspension and $40,000 fine for Howard and a $10,000 fine for Gard. Both were warranted. But only Howard was labeled as the villain. People questioned his temperament and ability to lead young men. We need to ask what would have happened if Howard was the instigator? My guess is he still would have been vilified and his reputation sullied, just like what is happening now. Either way, he would have been at fault. Let’s watch and listen to the response when he returns for tournament basketball.  

Why should we avoid teaching uncomfortable lessons in schools?

Throughout Black History Month, the backlash increased against Critical Race Theory and teaching topics that make people feel “uncomfortable” in schools. Let’s keep in mind that most people do not know what Critical Race Theory is about. I am a black man, and I don’t know! So how can people immediately reject it? It is dismissed because the perception is it will paint white people in a bad light for things they have done. Could it be that these transgressions throughout history have not been taught enough? This leads to the “uncomfortable” lessons that could increase in schools. The solution then is to simply ban these lessons so they can’t be taught. Isn’t having freedom a bitch? It’s all good when the things we are taught are favorable, but when the light of truth is shown, now we have to ban unfavorable parts of our history. I suppose some people want us to live in a state where the government gets to mandate what we are taught and not taught. Sounds a lot like Russia to me.

Racism rises again. Will black refugees receive equal treatment?

Speaking of Russia, their assault on Ukraine is a clear violation of international law. Ukrainian people are fleeing their homeland and the world is watching. Imagine my surprise when I noticed how many black people also tried to exit Ukraine. Then the pictures and commentary hit. Some black Ukrainians were not being allowed to cross borders. Others were being delayed while catching trains, as white Ukrainian citizens were allowed to board. At first, I thought this behavior was limited. Then more and more reports poured in from across Ukraine and neighboring Poland. Even during a war, racism doesn’t stop! My guess is the practice of slowing these black refugees will stop, but only because it has been exposed to the rest of the world. Isn’t it ironic that black oppression does get reduced when the world finally sees it. Let’s keep an eye on the plight of black Ukrainian refugees, while praying for peace and safety for all of the citizens of Ukraine.

As you can see, March 2022 promises to be a month where we will push our agenda, and meet opposition along the way. What else is new? This is why I started What’s Black: Things to Watch. We need to be aware of issues that affect us and our progress. We need to be more vigilant to protect our best interests. We need to be involved in the ongoing struggle for equality, exercising our fundamental rights, and our ability to live and be successful American citizens. As you can see, we are far from where we need to be. That’s why I will see you in April 2022…

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