What’s Black? Things We Need to Watch in February 2022

February 5, 2022

Gary A. McAbee

Welcome to What’s Black: Things We Need to Watch by Gary A. McAbee. What’s Black is a monthly update about things of interest for black people to watch, discuss, and actively interpret. The time is now for all of us to get involved. These are conversations we need to have, and we will have these conversations. In this issue, there are some of the things we need to watch in February 2022

Will we recapture what Black History means to us?

As we all know, February is designated as Black History Month. When growing up, learning about Black History was done every month. We learned about influential black people and the trailblazers who made a way for us. We learned about black-firsts and the achievements that pushed our race forward. That was then, this is now. Thanks to assimilation and integration, I believe we have lost the energy and passion to learn about and celebrate the best of being black in America. We sure do get a daily dose of the worst of being black in America! So this month, one thing to watch is our commitment to learning about our history, not just in February but all year long. Another thing to watch is the opposition we will face in February just because people know it’s Black History Month.

Bomb Threats at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Speaking of opposition during Black History Month, at the beginning of this month there were a rash of bomb threats at Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) across the United States. Was this a coincidence, or a carefully executed plan that just happened to coincide with the start of Black History Month? We all know the answer: this was a continuation of a longstanding tradition of actions designed to target and intimidate black people, black institutions, and our progress. In the case of HBCUs, this is low hanging fruit for the perpetrators of these crimes. Add to that the fact that HBCUs are gaining fame by attracting top black athletes (which takes them away from “traditional” universities) and we can see another reason to threaten our black institutions. Let’s watch to see if arrests are made, and if these threats subside. Let’s watch our government’s response to these heinous, terroristic threats to our HBCUs.

January 6th Insurrection Arrests and Trials Continue

We also need to watch our government’s response to the ongoing investigation of the January 6th Insurrection. Why is this so important to us? First, the arrests, trials, and sentencing patterns should set a precedent moving forward about how law enforcement will handle civil unrest and protests. As we know, black people will be in the streets soon protesting something again. Will we get the same level of treatment as people who stormed our Capitol and attacked police officers? Or will we see the same old tactics using to suppress our protest efforts? You and I know all of this leads back to the question we always ask: what would have happened if the January attackers would have been black? How would they have been treated? We know the answer, and this is why we need to focus on the outcomes associated with the Insurrection so we can protect ourselves and our rights going forward.

Will Joe Biden Keep His Promise and Select a Black Woman for the Supreme Court?

You heard it. I heard it. During a Presidential debate, then candidate Joe Biden vowed to select a black woman for the Supreme Court if he became President. Well, Joe Biden is President, and a spot on the Supreme Court opened during his Presidency. We get to ask a question: what’cha gonna do now Joe? The good news is he went on record again and said he would select a black woman. What else could he say? There are many qualified candidates who should be considered to be the first African American woman on the Supreme Court. Ketanji Brown Jackson is a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. J Michelle Childs is on the U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina. So what’s the problem? Once, again we already see the opposition to the idea of solely picking a black woman. We already see the calls of affirmative action and reverse discrimination in opposition to a black female nominee. If a black woman is selected, we need to focus on the confirmation process all Supreme Court nominees must face. I predict it will be an ugly conformation process for any black woman candidate for the Supreme Court.

The Brian Flores Lawsuit and NFL Coaching Hires

We know the torrent of opposition to our progress is not solely reserved for black women. NFL coach Brian Flores, and countless others, have experienced it for years. Only this time, Coach Flores is fighting back and putting his career on the line as well. He has filed a lawsuit against the NFL and its teams for discriminatory hiring practices. In short, he alleges he was treated poorly during one interview for a head coaching position. Then as a head coach, he was unceremoniously fired due to a lack of cohesion between himself and team management. Finally, Flores claims he interviewed for a job already promised to a white candidate as a way for the team to check the quota box for minority interviews. Now black coaches, commentators, and athletes are speaking about an unwritten policy we all know exists in the NFL. The good ol’ boys network still slows, and in too many cases, prevents qualified black coaches from advancing in the NFL. The outcome of the Flores case may impact discriminatory hiring practices in all industries, not just the NFL. For this reason, we need to pay attention to the final outcome.

As you can see, February 2022 promises to be a month where we will push our agenda, and meet opposition along the way. What else is new? This is why I started What’s Black: Things to Watch. We need to be aware of issues that affect us and our progress. We need to be more vigilant to protect our best interests. We need to be involved in the ongoing struggle for equality, exercising our fundamental rights, and our ability to live and be successful American citizens. As you can see, we are far from where we need to be. That’s why I will see you in March 2022…

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