I am Trumped Out

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Marker at the entrance of the now defunct Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, NJ

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of Donald Trump. I am tired of his Presidency. I am tired of his antics. I am tired of his tweets. I am tired of his lies and falsehoods. I am tired of his misrepresentations. I am tired of his insults. I am tired of his bullying. I am tired of his family. I am tired of his enablers. I am tired of his supporters. I am tired of those stupid red MAGA hats. I am tired of him period.

I am Trumped out.

I hope he leaves office soon. I believe anyone would be better as President than Donald Trump. I’d take Mike Pence for a few years. I’d take George W. Bush again if it was possible. I’d take Mitt Romney. Honestly, I would take any Republican over Trump, and that includes Mitch McConnell (but not by much). There are plenty of Republicans who would be better at this than Donald Trump. At least they would be more Presidential. Mr. Trump does not have a Presidential bone in his body. It shows every day.

I am Trumped out.

I am convinced that he is the worst President in my lifetime. Since I was barely born when Richard Nixon was run out of office, I will not include him. You don’t have to be a Presidential historian to figure it out. Just think about the political climate we had in recent years. Think about our relationships with our friends and allies around the world. Think about our dealings with our enemies and hostile governments around the world. Hell think about how we debated our politics. All these things have taken a turn for the worse with Donald Trump at the helm.

I am Trumped out.

Trump is worse than Gerald Ford, the man who pardoned Nixon and his criminal activity. He is worse than Jimmy Carter, the man who let the hostages sit in Iran. Trump is worse than Ronald Reagan, the man who sold arms to Iran to fund Nicaragua. He is worse than George H. Bush, the man who promised “no new taxes” and then raised taxes. Trump is worse than Bill Clinton, the man who lied about his Oval Office escapades. He is worse than George W. Bush, the man who never found a single weapon of mass destruction in Iraq. Trump is worse than Barack Obama, the man who let an embassy fall in Benghazi. Even at their worst moments, each of the last seven Presidents are better than Donald Trump.

I am Trumped out.

I am ready to turn the page on this farce of a Presidency. Let the history books and historians who write them retell you what you already know. In the words of Donald Trump, his Presidency is “a disaster.” He, his handlers, supporters, and a few loyal republicans, are the only ones who will not acknowledge he is failing “bigly.” He “hires the best people”, only to see them investigated and charged. He knows more things than everyone but calls the Bible book “Two Corinthians.” He wanted to deny aid to Puerto Rico, in part because “it’s surrounded by water, big water.”

I am Trumped out.

If you agree with me that’s great. If you don’t that’s great too. We can agree to agree or agree to disagree. But I am tired of Donald Trump. I am tired of the uncertainty his Presidency has delivered. I am tired of the revolving door of people who work, and then leave the White House. I am tired of his ability to appoint Supreme Court and lower court judges (which will impact our country for the next 30 years). I am tired of Melania Trump being dragged through this nightmare. I am tired of him blaming Obama, the Bushes, Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller, and anyone else but himself. And finally, I am tired of his stupid freakin’ border wall.

I am Trumped out.


Gary A. McAbee created the Wake Up/Rise Up Black America blog to have a powerful voice and positive impact in African-American neighborhoods, communities, and society. The articles posted are not only for African-Americans, but for all people due to their relevance and cultural significance. Along with his other blog, Motivation for the World, Gary can get people talking about issues that affect us all. He is the proud author of three self-help books: Wake Up! 42 Ways to Improve Black America Now!, the follow-up Rise Up! 42 Additional Ways to Improve Black America Now! , and Defining Success: One Word at a Time.


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