Black is Still Beautiful

Black is Still Beautiful, from Wake Up! 42 Ways to Improve Black America Now, written by Gary A. McAbee

Throughout the Civil Rights era, something great was rediscovered. We remembered that we are a beautiful race of people, on the inside as well as our outward appearances. Black Nationalism, a belief that blacks in America should take pride in our race, took shape. The sayings were numerous, from “I’m black and I’m proud” to “black is beautiful”. These sayings helped to establish pride in our communities and lift our collective spirits. African Americans finally realized that we are a beautiful race of people.

Sometimes it seems that adversity brings about change, so it is easy to see why the adversities faced during the Civil Rights Era would spawn a movement of Black pride. Using that logic, one should conclude that today’s troubling times would be right to cultivate a new movement of black pride. However, universally this is not the case. We are making progress, but the progress we make seems to be in small circles. A challenge from an outside force that we all can clearly see is the only way we will get the masses of African Americans back to believing in black pride, and believing that we are still a beautiful race of people.

Right now, we are too separated; we are not united by a singular cause. Although many issues standout such as crime, the lack of quality education, or single-parent families, we are still in need of a rallying point. We need a lightning rod to unite us, then our pride, determination, and beauty would rise once again. The main reason why this has not happened since the Civil Rights Era is our comfort level in this country. We, as a race, are comfortable where we are today. Therefore we make a huge mistake when we allow the wrong things to show the world our beauty and black pride.

Black America, you are too comfortable! You are resigned to the “fact” that our problems are either too widespread, or too far gone, to understand that we need a dose of our beautiful black pride. We need to get back to our roots, and to learn how our ancestors managed to persevere through situations far more difficult than we face today. We need to learn that the beauty in our race starts from within, from our spirit and strength that can not be destroyed.

Our spirits have been bruised, tortured, and scarred, but we as a people have always moved forward. The only explanation for this is our beauty. The same beauty that existed 1,000 years ago in the kingdoms of Africa still exists today. The same beauty that helped our ancestors survive in slave ships while being transported across the ocean to foreign lands still exists today. The same beauty that kept us while we were in shackles through years of hard labor still exists today. The same beauty that endured public segregation and humiliation still exists today. The same beauty that faced the injustice of discrimination still exists today.

The wonderful thing about this is that each of us, as black Americans, have this beautiful power in ourselves, and in our families. It is there, waiting for us to discover it, explore it, and embrace it. Beauty is ours! A key to waking up Black America is to examine “Our Story” to help us find solutions to our problems. We must accept the fact that Black was, is, and always will be, BEAUTIFUL!

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4 thoughts on “Black is Still Beautiful

  1. slowbrain67

    I read the book you mention. It seemed rather — well, I’d say “Cosby-ish” but that means something different these days. I’d love a discussion of the book, because I had some conflicting ones myself.

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