To All White Folk Surprised that DOJ Found Racial Bias in Ferguson PD

A powerful blog post from Arielle Newton, Founder/Editor-in-Chief, Black Millennials.

Black Millennials

Wake up.

If you’re white and are surprised that the Dept. of Justice found racism in the Ferguson Police Department, you’re part of the problem.

For decades, the Black community has been telling you that the entire framework of law enforcement is embedded in racist and prejudicial principles that actively repress Black folk and violate our civil rights and liberties, and lead to our deaths. We’ve been creative in our messaging; using campaigns, social media, conferences, and a slew of other communicative platforms that courageously detail the facts of our existence.

But this isn’t good enough until a white-centered authority validates us. It isn’t until our lived experiences are quantified by an authoritative figure (in this case, the federal Dept. of Justice) that our stories are deemed credible and valid.

Some white folk take in issue with the very idea that racism is a cancerous stain in present society, and that is finds itself in the…

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