Wake Up!


Wake Up! 42 Ways to Improve Black America Now, Gary A. McAbee


Wake Up! 42 Ways to Improve Black America Now! is my first book written to help improve the lives of millions of African Americans. When it was in the conception stage, I selected over 150 topics that needed to be addressed. From that list, the first 42 concepts were chosen and constructed to form volume one. The book contains six categories placed in a logical order not only to tell a story, but also to provide a step-by-step guide that can be put into practice now.

The book began with us realizing that OUR STORY contains a rich history that must be studied and remembered for all time. Next, our focus moved to the necessity for all African Americans to get a quality EDUCATION. Our survival as a race depends on how we educate ourselves so we can function in a rapidly changing world with an expanding knowledge base.

Once we build up our knowledge base, we must learn to become SELF-MOTIVATED to use what we learn to get what we want. I am a firm believer in the idea that motivation comes from within each and every person. While I might be able to provide some guidance here, it is up to the reader to become self-motivated to make a change.

SELF-IMPROVEMENT is the next logical step. By looking inward, we can work on ourselves, then use what we have learned to guide and mentor others. This can be accomplished through the use of effective COMMUNICATION. Communication skills that we display between each other and with people of other races will allow us to work with others on our common causes.

By working together, we can provide SUPPORT to all of our African-American brothers and sisters. After all, why should we grow and improve as individuals without sharing with each other? This has been a principle that has guided African Americans throughout the ages.

Wake Up! 42 Ways to Improve Black America Now, available on Amazon

Wake Up! 42 Ways to Improve Black America Now, available on Kindle




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